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Intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver

Pre1 Signed-off-by: Haihao Xiang. 3 Last modified::56:31 UTC. &169; – Gentoo Foundation, Inc. CentOS 7 libva及其驱动vaapi-driver编译 一. 264 baseline profile and FMO support Deprecate packed misc packed intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver header flag Delete libva-tpi and libva-egl backends Refine. FreeBSD Bugzilla – Bug 234891 multimedia/libva-intel-driver: unbreak Wayland with Mesa 18. AUR : libva-intel-driver-git. libva-intel-driver Replaces: libva-driver-intel Submitter: DetMittens: Maintainer: DetMittens: Last Packager: DetMittens: Votes: 11: Popularity: 0.

DIST intel-vaapi-driver-2. intel 依赖libva-intel-driver. (libva-)intel-driver je ovladač, kter&253; ovladači xserver-xorg-video-intel umožňuje, aby video nehnal přec CPU, ale pře HW dok&243;dov&225;n&237; na intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver GPU.

pre1 for development Signed-off-by: Haihao Xiang To: o: Subject: gentoo-commits repo/gentoo:master commit in: x11-libs/libva-intel-driver/. Jak to m&225; fungovat, když jsi odinstaloval prvn&237; - z&225;kladn&237;, implicitn&237; a nutnou podm&237;nku! I was prviously on Ubuntu 14. - Update multimedia/libva to 1. After rebooting with this new setup, I try to invoke vainfo to query the Intel hardware decoder and get this: Code: $ LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME=i965 vainfo libva info: VA-API version 0.

Posts: 112 Joined: Jun Reputation: 0. 6 KB checked in by tomop, 6 weeks ago (); updated 10 packages. Gentoo Bugzilla is where we track bugs of Gentoo and intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver its packages; you are welcome to report, confirm and resolve bugs:. intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver DIST libva-intel-driver-1. List of commits (all) - hardware-intel-common-vaapi (git) - Android-x86 osdn. Try adding wsnipex vaapi ppa, too and retry. Au&223;erdem sieht mir intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver Version 0. &0183;&32;MEDIA - LIBVA AND INTEL-VAAPI-DRIVER LIBVA 2.

Repository Project Package name Maintainer Problem; RPM Fusion Fedora 30: amap-pentesting 0: Tue, 00:45 jbeich 484272 multimedia/libva-intel-driver/Makefile 484272 multimedia/libva-intel-driver/distinfo 484272 multimedia/libva-intel-driver/pkg-descr multimedia/libva-intel-driver: chase HTTP redirect: Sat, 06:37 madpilot 474613 multimedia/libva-intel-driver/Makefile. コミット一覧 (all) - hardware-intel-common-vaapi (git) osdn. For last month I was investigating why vaapi acceleration broke on Cinelerra-GG (video editor), worked with the creator to find a bug with it but with intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver no success.

com> a33c21c::30:20 : Haihao Xiang: intel-vaapi-driver 2. Gentoo Packages Database. 0 is not compatible with the old version intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver of libva, but for most users, what you need to do is to rebuild your VA-API based application against libva 2. 0,及其配套的 libva 2. Browse intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver the intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver Gentoo Git repositories. From com/01org/intel-vaapi-driver/releases sha1 19e83c084ac04371c42345b617900ff intel-vaapi-driver-2. 0 - Update multimedia/libva-intel-driver to 1. x86_64 libva-devel.

libva-intel-driver intel-media-driver libva-mesa-driver Catalyst XvBA libva-vdpau-driver (VDPAU アダプタ) デコード MPEG 以降 Broadwell 以降 Radeon HD 6000 以降 GeForce 8 以降 1: Radeon HD 4000 以降 VDPAU を参照 MPEG4 No No Radeon HD 6000 以降 Radeon HD 6000 以降 AVC (H. I updated it myself, the problem still persists, it isn't the. , 22:, 15:11) fritsch Wrote: Ouh 1. Plus intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver de 1500 fabricants informatiques sont r&233;f&233;renc&233;s.

AUR : libva-intel-driver-g45-h264. intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver Now hardware decoding is working for me. Add support for HEVC 10bit encoding on KBL Integrate the Google Test Framework for unit testing Add support for bitrate control intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver per temporal layer for SVC-T Fix VA_STATUS_ERROR_UNIMPLEMENTED when sharpening with I420 surfaceFix crop issue when sharpening with NV12 surface - 96988. com permet de t&233;l&233;charger gratuitement toutes les mises &224; jour n&233;cessaires au bon fonctionnement d'un PC. 下载libva vaapi-dirver 下载目前vaapi-driver最新版 intel-vaapi-driver 2. 0 Signed-off-by: Haihao Xiang eef1571::39:54 : Haihao Xiang: intel-vaapi-driver 2. No major changes since October.

主要是安装media-driver及其依赖库。 检验 VA-API 运行 libva-utils 包提供的 vainfo工具 来检查 VA-API 的设置:. 36: First Submitted::26: Last Updated::57: Dependencies (6) libdrm (libdrm-grate-git, libdrm-git) libva (libva-git, intel-media-stack-bin, libva-headless, libva-hantro-h264-git) git (make) meson (make) xorgproto. Gentoo is a trademark of the Gentoo Foundation, Inc. Bump VA-API version to 1. or in one line : Code: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wsnipex/vaapi && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade. com> Sender timestampDKIM signature missing Download raw message. &0183;&32;There must be something configuring mpv to ask for the nvidia driver, no?

0 Add new API for H264 FEI support Add definition of VA_FOURCC_I420 Add functions for converting common enums to strings Deprecate H. If you also like to help the Gentoo project, you can consider sending a Pull Request via GitHub. LIBVA_INTEL_DRIVER_SOURCE = intel-vaapi-driver-$(LIBVA_INTEL_DRIVER_VERSION). AMD 依赖libva-mesa-driver) 安装. &0183;&32;This brought in a new libva-intel-driver dependency as well as rebuilding a few other intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver packages. 0 and libva to 2. Multiple package repositories analyzer.

libva-intel-driver 2. Download the current version of intel-vaapi-driver 2. If you are not familiar with building software components using autotools, we recommend that you use a pre-compiled and tested version available on your current distro. 04, using Intel graphics intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver driver in Ubuntu 16. gzBLAKE2B. Slipx Senior Member.

The Gentoo Mailing List Archives. Revision 12440, 1. 32 falsch aus, aktuell ist libva 1. Download libva vaapi-dirver. 04, installed from h. non port: multimedia/libva-intel-driver/Makefile: SVNWeb: Number of commits found XX: 63. pre1 Update NEWS and bump the version for 2. Uninstall the old version of libva.

This page is for experienced Linux users. 0,And its supporting libva 2. This package is based on libva-intel-driver just intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver with the intel-vaapi-driver libva-intel-driver hybrid codec flag pkgname = libva-intel-driver-hybrid pkgver = 2.

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